Musselman Drift Prep

July 24, 2015


Everyone finally prepped within a decent time for an event haha.

Justin and Bryant recharged the AC in Bryant’s IS last night. Get’s pretty Gucci in there now (BURR!).



Justin also installed new 8k BC Racing springs in the front which are shorter than the original ones. Final height adjustment was about 1.5″ lower.

Dont excuse my cell phone pics. Those are the best.IMG_2607

A few others were prepping at their house so not everyone was pictured prepping. RIP.

Everyone’s ready to head out early tomorrow morning.

Catch the next update in about a year!


2 Responses to “Musselman Drift Prep”

  1. markapple0507 said

    Nice post drama! Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Where is it at? I expect more posts lol Everyone make sure to get drift footage haha

    • Drama said

      Thanks! Trying to get the blog going again hahaha. It’s in Tucson. Event is from 4pm-11pm, so they’ll have some night driving! I hope everyone records too since I’m not going, unfortunately lol.

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