May 6, 2011


11 Responses to “”

  1. Drama said

    Fuck you, Justin.

  2. Doug said

    jesus fucking christ!

  3. s0apgun said

    like a fucking boss

    where da stickers at manggg?

  4. ninjo said

    the stickers at the top of the windshield. you can kinda see it from the bottom picture

  5. Frankie said

    damn son!! well done! love how those wheels look on the 24day.

  6. Freaking Sick ! love it

  7. Alex said

    Wow man that is stupid epic!!
    looks badass

  8. Rich said

    still keeping is gangsta !

  9. Rich said

    still keeping it gangsta !

  10. Status said

    BN looks so good keep it up man

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