January 21, 2011

Me: Hey you!
Cororra: What’s up?
Me: Miss you!

And a video.
Albert first then me with the stupid blue mismatching HIDs
I think I might have posted this already.
Fuck it.


8 Responses to “”

  1. chino said

    Lets get rebuilding that engine! Or just start using it again like that haha

  2. manny said

    what happen to the engine??

  3. albert said

    You know we will all help no nipple will be left behind haha

  4. markapple0507 said

    ^^^^ haha definitely. @ manny i think 2 of the piston rings aren’t sealing right, so a rebuild is due lol hopefully not to stock tho, right justin?!?!?! lol

  5. ninjo said

    i say put a 1uz, sr or that s2k engine

  6. albert said

    Yeah so he can sell me the 20valve haha

  7. manny said

    thanks Mark…. Ninjo is right put a SR in there that will be fun to drive…

  8. damn nice ! bring it back bring back

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