The Good Ol’ Times

June 29, 2010

Damn sure do love it when it rains and we get to go to the spot with no men in the blue bothering us. everything was great no accidents. (Aaron, and Hamilton lol) the only thing was at one point it was raining too much. in the words of Justin, “It would be nice if the guy in the sky could’ve just divided evenly all this rain from tonight to every night this week.”  ….or something like that lol.  here’s some footage the infamous willy (peppers i should say) filmed for us using my camera. -Mark


2 Responses to “The Good Ol’ Times”

  1. Drama said

    looked like a great night. Coulda been a good shoot too :P. If I go next time, I’ll try to bring my weak ass 96 S10 lol. Looks like Ninjo’s S14 is running good, glad to see its back sideways.

    And that Red coupe, I saw a while ago haulin ass around a corner by my H.S. lol.

  2. manny said

    dam ninjo’s car sounds great props to all. can’t wait to have my car back 😦 lol

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