Fiver the Kitty!

June 16, 2010

The dudes from Keep Drifting Fun posted this on their facebook on Monday.

“My name is Fiver and I need your help. On June 13 at midnight I was found in a Grant Park backyard in Atlanta, Georgia. I’d been attacked by a dog and suffered serious injuries: deep puncture wounds, severe nerve damage and a broken pelvis. I couldn’t walk. I could barely drag my bleeding back legs.

Cody and Laura rushed me to the animal ER and discovered I was dehydrated and in a lot of pain. They paid for an IV and some pain medication, but they couldn’t afford my $1,300 surgery.”

Not to worry though, they already raised enough the money to give Fiver the surgery he needs.

Thanks to Will and Josh for posting this and spreading the word.


2 Responses to “Fiver the Kitty!”

  1. albert said

    nice i think justin wants to adopt the kitty now huh.

  2. markapple0507 said

    Hell ya, then it would be called the frisky kitten or hey look at the frisky kitten’s nipples. lol

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