Last Night was DOPE!

April 23, 2010

Met up with KDF (Keep Drifting Fun) guys around 6pm.
Went to Chico’s tacos.

@Chico’s Tacos. Rafa putting frisky nipps stickers on the van

Westy van reppin’ it. Check out the FN sticker!

After Chico’s, we hit up the spot for a few runs and a little bit of footage for the KDF guys.

We went to another spot with top of 2nd/3rd gear entries.
Did a few runs then almost got busted ’cause of some idiot.

Lastly, we checked out a new spot that Ivan knew about. It was dope.
It put a smile on everybody’s face.
(I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the spot and everybody’s face. lol)


8 Responses to “Last Night was DOPE!”

  1. MANNII said

    looks like if u had fun šŸ™‚

  2. marss said

    I thought about this while watching Gabriel Iglesias(comedian)do his Chico’s Tacos skit.

    First question: Are they that good?

    Second question: I can haz some?

  3. Mr. Applez said

    And im mean an IDOT!!!!!111 lol i was about to crash into him when he was doing donuts. what a dicknose

  4. pac said

    dicknose shit!!! fucker and his excuse was “well shit, since no one was driftin i might as well act a fool and drift”

  5. Justin Labayen said

    Mauro: Yeah, Chico’s is the shit. Come down to El Paso!

    Mark and Pac: Calm down! LOL.

  6. pac said

    we are calm lol…:)

  7. ninjo said

    so who’s the idiot? haha

  8. Mauricio said

    the van is pretty dope

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