ASR 2-day event: part 1

March 31, 2010

Somebody was saying that they wanted a detailed post of the 2-day event, so here it is:

I’ll put up pictures on the next post

4:00 pm: We arrived at Arroyo Seco and started unloading shit and changing tires
4:30 pm: Mostly everybody started driving/drifting.
5:30 pm: They closed the track for the day
6:00 pm: Everybody just chillin’.
7:30 pm: Drove to town to get booze, s’mores, and wood.
9:00 pm: Back at ASR. Started making a bonfire
9:30 pm: Drinking begins…

10:00 pm: I don’t know what happened at 10pm
11:00 pm: At this time we were probably making fun of Sebastian’s laugh.
11:15 pm: New Mexico guys started burning tires. Looked cool, but didn’t smell too good.
11:30 pm: Still making fun of Sebastian’s laugh. *I’ll post a video of this*
12:00 am: Beer + No Sleep = Sucks
1:00 am: People started disappearing into their cars
2:00 am: Everybody’s asleep and FUCKING COLD
3:00 am: Still cold and border patrol had the same frequency as the track P.A. system.
3:01 am: Border Patrol: “Stay where you are! We have your surrounded!” (hahaha, just kidding! They did have the same radio frequency though)
6:00 am: God damn it’s still cold?!

9:00 am: Everybody was up.
10:00 am: Started driving while still tired/drunk/hungover. Dope.


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