Movin’ On UP!

March 14, 2010

I haven’t posted for a while now. I’ve been busy with school and working on cars. Here’s an update of what we’ve been doing since the last “update” post.

Everybody’s been getting ready for the 2-day event at Arroyo Seco (March 27-28).

Click “read more” to read more about our updates, pictures and such.

-I’m changing my engine to a AE111 20v and changing my ring and pinion.
-Albert got some new coils
-Rafa’s redoing his whole suspension (SPL links, PSM coils, subframe risers, etc.). And also got an ATS carbon diff (sweet!).
-Bryant gots a new car, it’s a secret. Fuck those people that stole the red cah!
-Julian got a sweet lowrider.
-Ninjo’s getting a new engine soon
-Pac got a new chassis (240sx coupe).
-Anthony’s getting his PSM Super Angle kit soon
-Mark’s getting new coils too
-Andrew’s got coils now but his car still looks like a hovercraft
-Willy got a car!
-Frankie… I don’t know what the fuck he’s doing. He’s gonna put a AE101 20v on his shit.

We also got some new cult members. Not really new but, yeah.

-Aaron got a 240sx and already crashed it twice since he got it about a month ago.
-Camel recently gots new wheels for his IS300
-Kevin recently gots an SR for his kouki 240sx
-Mario recently gots an ATS carbon, coils, and wheels

Here are some pictures:
Velocity stacks for the 20v

Mario’s Car

Camel’s Car (needs more low)


15 Responses to “Movin’ On UP!”

  1. Drama said

    Dude im posting these pics on my blog, hope you dont 350 and IS

  2. Slappy said

    How about you add this to your list “Add Slide Asylum to blog roll”


  3. marss said

    Can I join the cult?

    I sent mclovin…uhhh I mean Bryant a sticker..he should return the favor…haha

  4. Markapple0507 said

    And don’t for get I’ll be going turbo soon!!! KA-T FTW!!1 haha lol

  5. Drama said

    O yea I forgot to ask…can I be your guys photographer? 😀 im located on the Eastside of El Paso 🙂

  6. Justin Labayen said

    Slappy: Done deal!

    Mauro: JOIN THE CULT! P.S. what sticker?

    Mark: I forgot to put that! Coils are more important anyway, so…

    Drama: For sure! Take pictures at the 2-day event at ASR!

  7. albert said

    well i hope everybody will attend and drive the event. Let’s get frisky!!!

  8. Drama said

    I dont think I’ll be able to make the ASR event): I dont have a ride :/.
    I can make it to all the cohen events but theres not many as far as I know.

    Another reason I asked was, when you guys go on cruises I’d like to take some pics of your cars and rolling shots and stuff 😀

  9. frankie said

    hells ya guys lets get it poppin!!!

  10. pac said

    movin on up is lookin good for all of us gettin frisky le frisky nipps

  11. Mauro said

    Justin: the DeftStyle one.

    p.s. have fun at ASR. Get lots of video!!

  12. I hope to see coverage of the frisky activites that will happen in Arroyo Seco. Have fun out there guys.

  13. Marco Hsu said

    Nice blog! I love the ITBs.

  14. Chuck said

    thanks for the hit willy…or justin..not sure which hahaha. check me out sometime! ill throw you up on my roll

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