Fuck you Ken Block…

February 25, 2010

and your stupid videos

“…that’s all i have to say about that” -Gump


6 Responses to “Fuck you Ken Block…”

  1. Joe L said

    OMFG, thank you. i’ve been saying that since the beginning and people give me all kinds of shit for it. jesus christ already, lol.

  2. marss said

    fucking awesome video!

  3. albert said

    Hey ken block doesn’t suck he swallows. bad ass video

  4. frankie! said

    saw this on speedhunters! sick vid! nice 240!

  5. Slappy said

    I like this place already. Cant STAND Ken Block. Its about time someone posted that shit up. Editing Editing Editing Editing = Block videos.

  6. Tim said

    Such a rad/raw video….

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