January 26, 2010

Camel’s IS300


8 Responses to “sup?”

  1. pac said

    nice whose boots are those boots?

  2. What offset and size battles? 18×9.5 +15? Front and rear?! More info please!!!! I wanna see other shots of the car. I can’t take this tease guys. Help another Altezza owner out!!!

  3. Mark said

    haha ^^^^ same here justin post some more pics of it. did you guys just test fit them or did you guys do something else i.e. roll or something?

  4. Bryant said

    Looks good! I need to see it off the jack though.

    hose are 17×9.5 + 15 S.T.

  5. Bryant said

    Oh, shit never mind, I just realized what happened.

    Those are 18’s.

  6. albert said

    looks good

  7. frankie said

    dude wtf man that looks too sick!!

    keep those wheels camel!!

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