Will somebody remind Ueo that he’s old?

November 19, 2009

I guess drifting keeps him from getting old. God damn the guy can drive! He’s 37 years old, by the way. Albert found this sweet video of Ueo driving his ke70 panel wagon from Phil’s blog. I’ll add him on the blogroll, hopefully he adds me too.

Don’t ask which one is Ueo. Just watch the video, you’ll see.

Here’s a cool article about Ueo’s career by Speedhunters


6 Responses to “Will somebody remind Ueo that he’s old?”

  1. albert said

    if u need more info i suggest http://www.sift.jp i need the manual rack soon haha

  2. Bryant said

    Great Vid!

    Let’s go street drifting! I’ve been out the game for awhile.

    p.s. I’d assume Ueo is driving the wagon since you said he was?

  3. philsayshi said

    very cool blog dude. I just went through the entire thing. I really like your car and your friends cars.

  4. Justin Labayen said

    Phil: Thanks dude! I hope you don’t mind me posting that video of Ueo that I jacked from your blog.

    Bryant: Yeah, I’m down. Where the fuck have you been?!

  5. frankie! said

    ya he’s driving the wagon for sure.

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