S14 update: Wiring loom repair

October 28, 2009

Ninjo ran the s14 for the second time 2 days ago at the SCCA drift event.

Just as he started getting a feel of the car, the engine died. Turns out the fender wiring harness got massacred by the tire. I already tucked it months before but I kinda half-assed it since I was too lazy to take off the fender. More work for me, but oh well…

I fixed everything today. I was planning on cutting all the wires, relocate the loom inside the engine bay, and re-solder all 50+ wires back together. I ended tucking up the loom on top of a lip on the wheel well, drilling about 6 holes, and putting zipties.

DSC_0707 (Custom)
DSC_0710 (Custom)
DSC_0721 (Custom)


2 Responses to “S14 update: Wiring loom repair”

  1. Frankie said

    nice work man. looks really clean.

  2. Carsey Stamos said

    i had the same shit happen to me on my FD but it shoted out everything and blew up my pfc…… sucked

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