Another Arroyo Seco Event

October 20, 2009

Yep. Another day at ASR, fun as always.

Tuscon guys were pretty chill. Cool cars and good drivers as well.

Here are the mishaps for the day:
-My steering rack is transforming into a Semi-truck.
-Bryant drove the corolla only got 2 runs ’cause of a broken battery tie down. Fuck dimple dies!
-Pac burned his hand with some hot 10W-30.
-Frankie did a shakedown on his new “race car” corolla.
…He shook it too much that the tie rod almost came off the knuckle. LOL.

no grip at the track due to too many people going off course (i’m pretty sure that includes me)

Enough talk, here are some pics (not too many plus gWilly couldn’t find a good spot):
more pics on my Flickr





Bonus shot of Bryant’s russian wheels:



8 Responses to “Another Arroyo Seco Event”

  1. mauro said

    last shot..amazing wheels broseph!

  2. pac said

    nice pic’s lol wat a fun day

  3. “Look at my sunglasses they say ESTRADA!!!!!!!!@”

  4. Tim said

    Dope Regas. Offset?

  5. 17×9 +18 (10mm spacer) +8

  6. Tim said

    Dopeness. Now order tires for the front.

  7. Tim said

    Short vid. of Justin

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