Subframe Risers Part Deux.

September 15, 2009

Next day…

I got the two other rubber subframe bushings out.

Pressure washed the entire subframe before putting it back on.

Everything went smooth except the calipers (thanks bryant!). We bent the e-brake brackets one the subframe to clear the chassis. I haven’t cut the front subframe studs though.

Too bad I couldn’t drive the car that night after putting the subframe back on. The risers added positive camber and lowered the car to the point where the tire wouldn’t even move on static height. Just need to pull the rear quarter a tad bit to clear. Somebody has my fender roller so I’m gonna have to wait.

Thanks to everyone that helped!



4 Responses to “Subframe Risers Part Deux.”

  1. No problem dude, I got a buzz drinking your Vodka hahhaha

  2. Oh, and just to make sure double check that the e-brake cables aren’t hitting the drive shaft.

  3. NINJO said

    hey thanks to whoever helped to. not just the risers(haha risers) but for every part put in

  4. pac said

    its all good ninjo, the car is coming out great cant wait to see u slide it

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