Private track day pt. 2: Teaser Shot

August 30, 2009

I’m too tired to upload all 503 pictures (All five-hundred and three pictures were taken by Tiny!).

To whoever is reading this: you should have gone with us.

So here’s a teaser shot:


Thanks Albert and Tiny, for the help!


3 Responses to “Private track day pt. 2: Teaser Shot”

  1. Mr. Apple said

    damn dude you’re so right i should’ve gone. but let me know when you’re not tired and ill try and help you lol

  2. pac said

    nice shot i would of gone but damn work fuck it lol u got the link to the 503 pics

  3. willy said

    you guys had a private track day?!?! thats sick!!!

    i wanna see some pics!!

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