Quick Snap: Frankie’s new 4dr.

August 25, 2009

He traded his s13 for this cressida


7 Responses to “Quick Snap: Frankie’s new 4dr.”

  1. mauro said

    Wise choice!

    p.s. Justin, tell this Frankie fella to check out jzxproject.com!!!

  2. Justin Labayen said

    I’ll tell him.

    Damn, jzxproject.com has improved from the last time I checked. Sweet!

    edit: nevermind, not really. still a cool website though

    I want a cress too!

  3. Charlie watch out for the bleh bleh blehs!

  4. Mauro said

    duuuuuuuude..get a cress!!!!

    p.s. “deftstyle is ded” on the link—–>

    haha, awesome!

  5. Frankie said

    ha i checked out the jzx site but its not allowing new members!

    damn i wanna fix this thing up asap!!

  6. Jon said

    Yes! Wise choice indeed! Same color as my cress

  7. Frankie said

    never mind man this thing is going to be too much work.

    its sold.

    on my way to my next drift car. comming sooooooon! ;P

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