Hawaii does it again. MX83 done right.

August 19, 2009

Saw it in one of Forrest Wang’s albums. I’m not sure if it’s his.

BN aero without the markII front and KFs. Sweet.



How the fuck did those Vs-KFs fit on a cressida? Last time I heard the best size for a mx83 cress was a 9.5 +22.


3 Responses to “Hawaii does it again. MX83 done right.”

  1. What’s up Mauro?

    just sayin’

    Don’t do it Frankie!

  2. deftMauro said

    s13coupe<mx83 cressida

    I washed mine today, used twice the quarters to clean it all up.. it was awesome!!!

  3. frankie said

    haha too late bryant!

    cool post justin!

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