Massa Fucked, but the Rain-Meister is Back!

July 30, 2009

During the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying session, Massa was hit on his helmet by a loose main spring from Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn GP car. He was knocked unconscious and crashed his Ferrari. The medical team rushed to the scene and Medivac’d injured Massa to the nearest hospital.

Hungary Auto Racing F1 GP

Yesterday, the Scuderia (Ferrari) announced that Schumacher will be taking over Felipe Massa’s F60 Ferrari at the Valencia street circuit in Spain. The 40 year old seven time world champion will undergo a training program to see if the old man can still handle a formula one car. I can’t wait to see Schumi kick some ass!


Here’s a photo of the Valencia street circuit:


2 Responses to “Massa Fucked, but the Rain-Meister is Back!”

  1. Let’s slang drugs, so that we can one day drive Ferrari’s!

  2. said

    ^^ haha

    dude that sucks, that spring jacked that guy up!!

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