this is what i get for having a low seat!

July 11, 2009

After doing manji down the street, I tried jumping the curb and got stuck!

Not really… i just didn’t see the fucking curb. Nothing happened to the car, I just bent the chassis some more. hahaha!

Here’s a snap from anthony’s phone:Photo0119Haha copy


8 Responses to “this is what i get for having a low seat!”

  1. pac said

    lol wat fuckin happened lol thats crazy

  2. hahahahahha Keyboard Cat.

    Starbucks anyone?

  3. friskynipples said

    Starsbuck? When?

  4. deftstyle said

    Did u scan the pic off a 1982 Encyclopedia Brittanica?

  5. Hey, I have those Britannica’s. So insulting! Vatever

    Do not watch Bruno.

  6. mauro said

    You watched Bruno??? but not “the hangover” ??


  7. Mr. Apple said

    that’s a nice kat i see lol

  8. said

    haha that sucks.

    “vatever” lol worst movie ever!!

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