Need to post more often…

July 7, 2009

…not really. No one reads this blog anyway. Raise your hand if you read this blog!

Anyway, Bryant and I went to Albuquerque to meet up with Mauro and go to Sandia for the RSW drift/cross event. It was pretty awesome. Met some cool guys from Colorado and finally met Joe (visit his blog! eat-at-joe’s). Here’s a couple of pictures:


6 Responses to “Need to post more often…”

  1. I don’t read this blog ever!

  2. Joe L said

    me neither.

    yeah, it was good to finally meet everyone in person.

  3. deftstyle said


  4. Mr. Apple said

    i raise my hand ^_^

  5. said

    my hands raised. ;P

  6. said

    your cars are looking too sick!!!

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