Don’t have a grill? Cook it with Exhaust Burger!

April 2, 2009

Unlike your Foreman grill, this product uses indirect heat to cook one burger patty. ADD CHEESE. No problem. No harmful fumes or pollutants. Why bring a huge grill when you can cook with this? Have a dual exhaust? PERFECT. You can now grill two hamburger patties.


6 Responses to “Don’t have a grill? Cook it with Exhaust Burger!”

  1. haha fucking genius.

    After the first bite, I will have Ninjo on call just in case I die.


  2. DSmauro said

    KA burgers probably taste better than SR burgers…

  3. Hahahaha, no they wont. KA burgers will probably taste like old dirty coolant.

    p.s. sweet avatar

  4. DSmauro said

    you forgot my car has dual tip exhaust too…

    but you win since SR is JDM so “royale with cheese” for you.

  5. Will you make me a USA burger?

    Just make sure to give your car a tune up before hand. : )

    Grilled onions please,

  6. Mark said

    damn ya what kind of idot thinks up of these things lol

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