Musselman Drift Prep

July 24, 2015


Everyone finally prepped within a decent time for an event haha.

Justin and Bryant recharged the AC in Bryant’s IS last night. Get’s pretty Gucci in there now (BURR!).



Justin also installed new 8k BC Racing springs in the front which are shorter than the original ones. Final height adjustment was about 1.5″ lower.

Dont excuse my cell phone pics. Those are the best.IMG_2607

A few others were prepping at their house so not everyone was pictured prepping. RIP.

Everyone’s ready to head out early tomorrow morning.

Catch the next update in about a year!


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Here’s a clip of a nice ass zenki in the japanland. this guy is rocking it hard on the 350z rims, tucking in the rear.  Justin was the one that first showed me this car. this is what my s14 NEEDS to look like

Found on p0werm0ve’s blog:

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